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Black Friday 2016!

Hey Curlies!! Now I know I have been off the curl scene for a bit, but at times life gets super-busy. BUT, I am never too busy to reach out to some of the best natural hair product brands (my staples) to let you know the deets on the Black Friday deals and steals of […]

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Natural Spotlight Feature- NUDE Beard Balm, By Center Stage Cuts

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would know that BEARDS are all the rage. From  longer stubble beards, to the balbo beard to the dutch beard to the ultimate bandholz beard (see chart below for beard descriptions) it appears that every man belongs (or wants to belong) to the “beard gang”. Instagram accounts […]

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Curlstagram Feature: @Brandirell

Every once in a while I’m on the hunt for a new curly girl to obsess over, and @Brandirell’s hair is my newest obsession. Her curls, her length, her texture, I love it all! And she is the sweetest woman I have never physically met. I was dying to know her regimen, how she combats […]

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Natural Spotlight: The Science of Transitioning, by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy

When I transitioned there wasn’t much information out there. I mean honestly, in my eyes I was simply growing out my relaxer. I had never heard of transitioning or big chopping. I wish there had been this much information readily available to me during my process. I wish that I had knew Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, my […]

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Natural Spotlight: Darren, @Invaderhim

Social media has the ability to bring together people with common interests from different walks of life. Through that one common interest you meet people who are amazingly inspirational and you simply want to tip your hat to them. This was the case when I became friends with @Invaderhim on Instagram. This gentleman is the […]

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Natural Spotlight Feature: Scarlett, Founder of Wonder Curl Products

I met Scarlett, founder of Wonder Curl Products about 5 years ago at the first Chic and Kinky natural hair event in New York City. I was elated to be introduced to her products, I mean everyone knows I’m a product junkie. We happened to be table mates on the Blissful  CURLS Blogger Cruise this past summer […]

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