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Black Friday 2016!

Hey Curlies!! Now I know I have been off the curl scene for a bit, but at times life gets super-busy. BUT, I am never too busy to reach out to some of the best natural hair product brands (my staples) to let you know the deets on the Black Friday deals and steals of […]

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BitterSweet Bracelet: Not Your Average Bracelet, Not Your Average Hair Tie

How many of you wear a hair tie on your wrist to have the option to put your hair up when your tresses are stressing you out? That might be an okay practice at the gym or when running errands. But it probably wouldn’t work when at the office. I mean have you ever thought […]

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MIZANI Presents: True Textures Pro at Dop Dop Salon

“MIZANI” means balance and refers to the central concept behind the brand. Each MIZANI formula whether used alone or in combination, gently works to balance the forces of beauty and chemistry, creating radiantly healthy hair.   October 26, 2015 — The evening began in Soho, NYC at the  Dop Dop Salon  where everything was served from […]

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More Than a Spot of Tea: Horsetail Tea for Hair Growth

  How many times have we heard the expression “You are what you eat”?  As tired as I am of hearing that phrase, it is so true. What we consume affects how our body functions…our circulation…our productivity…our energy levels and yes our outer appearance (hair, skin, and nails). Sometimes we are so concerned with our exterior […]

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SKO Hair: Towel for Stressed Hair

If you follow me on Instagram (@princesslinzz), you know that I typically do not use towels to dry my hair. Say What?! Yep, I either use paper towels or I let my hair air dry — soaking wet. Sounds uncomfortable, right? It is! I was pleasantly surprised when SKO Hair introduced their “Towel for Stressed […]

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Curly Girl Collective Presents: CURLFEST 2015

On August 29, 2015 I and about 500 naturals attended the 2nd annual CURLFEST 2015 in Brooklyn’s own Prospect Park.  The Curly Girl Collective put together a well-planned festival for women of all colors, sizes, textures and curl patterns. The event was not just a simple party in the park, but a safe space that celebrated and […]

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