Just Who is PrincessLinzz?


 I am a hair enthusiast, a product  junkie and a lover of all things curly/natural hair related…yes, in that order! But there are levels to this princess. I am from New York City. I work full-time in higher education and just completed my second Master’s degree at Columbia University (Class of 2014, Woo Woo!).  I am essentially a student of life and enjoy researching hair, creating hair recipes and helping others on their mission to hair health.

How I Came to Love Hair

I have been natural for about 10 years but had no idea how to truly care for my natural tresses. I began researching and studying hair in late 2009. What brought on this sudden interest? Well, due to stress I began losing hair in the front of my head around what many refer to as the widow’s peak. Frantic to find a remedy I subscribed to the LongHairCareForum and started watching Youtube videos religiously, day and night.

Once my hair issue was resolved  I started to focus in on what I was doing, developed a regimen to get my hair to grow to longer lengths, just to see if I could do it. I did it! I’ve always had length and was told that my hair was long my entire life. But when I actually learned how to take care of my hair, I realized it wasn’t all that long, after all. During my “Operation Gain Length” process I became a product junkie and purchased a ton of products. At first I thought these purchases would help with my growth, but essentially it was the regimen I developed and how I cared for my own hair which was critical in my achieving healthy hair. I’m no hair guru and not a licensed cosmetologist, I’m a girl who loves to research hair, try new products and thoroughly enjoys sharing information with you to help you achieve healthy hair.


PrincessLinzz CV1 What Will You Find on PrincessLinzzsLair.com?

  • Curlstagram In-depth interviews with some of your favorite Instagram curlies and naturalistas. We’re not just talking hair, we’re discussing their business ventures, blogs, their art work, how to get financially  straight, fitness and health regimens….AND of course hair! Curlstagram features offer you the opportunity to really get to know curlies like HalfieTruths,  GarnerStyle,  MelissaChanel, Keturah Ariel,  Finacially_Fab, NikkiBCurly, MoKnowsHair,  and many more!
  • The Natural Spotlight– Learn how to care for your hair, learn about new product lines, latest fashion trends and get entrepreneurial advice from women who are naturally curly or have started businesses encompassing natural hair. You will be introduced to Myleik Teele, CEO of Curlbox, NaturalHairDoesCare LLC., Scarlett of WonderCurls products, Audrey Sivasothy, author of “The Science of Black Hair” and Chicoro, author of  “Grow It”, to name a few.
  • Linzz’s Tips & Magical Elixers– PrincessLinzz hair tips and deep conditioner recipes for hair success.
  • Enchanted Products– Reviewing the latest and not so latest products (personal purchases), providing ingredient listings, prices and where you can purchase the product.
  • Events- Learn about upcoming events or if you missed a natural hair event, get a  re-cap!
  • Press– You can find PrincessLinzz’s online features on Instagram and various blogs.

 I hope to help you learn more about your own hair  and that together we can grow Happy Healthy Hair ONE Strand at a Time.

Welcome to PrincessLinzz’s Lair!!

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