BitterSweet Bracelet: Not Your Average Bracelet, Not Your Average Hair Tie


How many of you wear a hair tie on your wrist to have the option to put your hair up when your tresses are stressing you out? That might be an okay practice at the gym or when running errands. But it probably wouldn’t work when at the office. I mean have you ever thought how tacky it looks to attend a meeting wearing a colorful hair tie as a bracelet? Well ladies, we now have options thanks to the Bittersweet Bracelet. This must-have accessory doubles as a hair tie and stylish jewelry for your wrist.


Plain hair tie


Bittersweet Bracelet









The Bittersweet Bracelet can be worn alone or paired with bangles or another bracelet. Whether you choose to rock it alone or stack it, you will be wearing your hair tie in style.IMG_5928

The bracelet is very detailed with indented grooves and edges which makes it very distinct and holds the hair tie in place, essentially to prevent you from losing it. I tend to wear my Bittersweet bracelet stacked with either another bracelet or my watch.


What’s the story behind the Bittersweet Bracelet? It’s quite sweet, actually. Engineer Shireen Maria Thor, like most of us hard working ladies constantly on the go, would wear her hair tie on her wrist, for those moments when she needed to put her hair up. Her husband Arni, also an engineer designed the perfect bracelet holder for her hair ties. He engraved it with her name Shireen Maria, which in Persian, when read from left to right means Bittersweet.

IMG_5936-1024x683 (1)


The Bittersweet bracelet comes in the following:

  • Flower design steel gold/silver
  • Classic design steel gold/silver

The bracelet price ranges from $45 to $85.

This makes a perfect holiday gift for the curly girl who always loses her hair tie, the wavy girl who admits how tacky an elastic band around the wrist at the office may look or the girl with straightened tresses going out for a night of partying and wants the option of putting her hair up in style. Get her a BitterSweet Bracelet stat!

So how does the bracelet work?!




Voila! Its super-easy and super-cute and I never leave home without it!


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