CharyJay Takes NYC


Can we just talk about this event for a sec?! Talk about good laughs, great hair and even better…a dope gift bag! The atmosphere was super positive, Pranna’s décor  was super-seductive, and CharyJay and her team made you feel welcomed as if you had known them for years.

me and charyjayIt was definitely a night for the naturalistas…not only did we meet CharyJay but also had the chance to meet other women with similar interests…hair! Pranna located in the heart of Gramercy/Flatiron district simply oozed sexiness from the dimmed lights to the leather sofas and contemporary Jazz-like/ New Age music playing in the background. Because Pranna closes at 7pm on Sundays we were lucky enough to have the entire venue to ourselves to enjoy an evening of natural hair chit-chat and indulge in some delicious Southeast Asian cuisine.

charyjay menu

charyjay naanThe coolest part (besides my gift bag, I will get to that later) was upon check-in you immediately took a photo with CharyJay. How many times have you attended an event hosted  by your favorite Youtube Personality and had to literally hunt them down to take a picture with them? Her photographer took multiple pictures of  the both of you, followed by having your name taken by her super supportive and funny boyfriend Derek so that your name appears in the photo credits. CharyJay also made her rounds to each table to chat, laugh and take more pictures. She was an absolute doll!

charyjay with heutiful winnercharyjay smilesThere were multiple giveaways throughout the night and get this she gave away 3 or 4 steamers (can’t remember, I was busy sipping a Pranna Sutra and I’m no drinker). These were the last Heutiful steamer boxes that will be graced with CharyJay’s face on it, as they are rolling out new boxes for 2014 featuring the Monroe sisters. The list of sponsors at the event was absolutely cray! And I’m not talking about all mini-samples, I’m talking about a mixture of full-size bottles and sampees (samples)! I have attended a lot of events this year and I am voting CharyJay’s event for Best Giftbag and Raffle of 2013.  Not only were the  gift bag and raffles generous; so was the dessert! We enjoyed delicious CharyJay embellished cupcakes, cookies and cake pops from Blue Skys Bakery in Brooklyn, NY.

chary jay gift bag 3chary jay gift bag 2The Gift Bag Unveiled…

charyjay raffle prizeMy Raffle Winnings!

charyjay cupcakesThe C.J. Cupcakes


charyjay cookies Cookie Assortment

charyjay cakepopsWho Doesn’t Love Cake Pops?

Listen (apologies in advance for the audio) to CharyJay tell us about how she started her apparel line:

Not only did we celebrate her launch of her Big Bold and Funky t-shirt line but we celebrated her birthday as well. Happy Birthday CharyJay!

charyjay gorgeous ladieschary jay natural beautycharyjay j and lCharyJay Cards



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  1. Alecia December 10, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    Fabulous recap Linzz! Charyjay’s launch party was a definite hit, I had a blast & still in awe of how the event came together, from the local to the sponsors & photographer from Essence magazine.

  2. Morenike December 10, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

    Awesome recap! I wish I could have made it!

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