Hot vs. Cold: Which is the Best to Wash Your Hair?

I bet some of you never thought about whether or not the water temperature matters when you wash your hair. But au contraire it really does matter. The last thing anyone wants to do is take a cold shower, its probably the most uncomfortable thing ever. However, using cooler water to wash your hair is more beneficial […]

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Pre-Pooing, Is it Really Worth It?

On average you will find the pre-poo process mentioned in many naturalistas’ hair regimens. It is one of the critical processes implemented on a typically long and drawn out wash day. I have to admit to cut down time I rarely pre-poo my hair, often from lack of time or simple laziness.  However, I will […]

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Happy Birthday, One-Year Blogaversary

Today I celebrated my one-year anniversary as a blogger! That’s right turned 1 years old today, Haaaaaappy Birthday to You…Haaaaaaappy Birthday to You…Happy Birthhhhhday (singing the Stevie Wonder version, of course). But on a serious note I have always wanted to start a blog and write about hair, but I was afraid no one […]

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Natural Spotlight Feature: Scarlett, Founder of Wonder Curl Products

I met Scarlett, founder of Wonder Curl Products about 5 years ago at the first Chic and Kinky natural hair event in New York City. I was elated to be introduced to her products, I mean everyone knows I’m a product junkie. We happened to be table mates on the Blissful  CURLS Blogger Cruise this past summer […]

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Announcement: PrincessLinzz is a CurlsUnderstood Curly Ambassador

  Can I tell you how excited and honored I am to be a Curly Ambassador for (applause roar). is your natural hair go-to platform when you want to find information about, well everything natural hair.  The site’s primary focus is the “new natural” and helping you get on your way to an […]

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